Private College Admissions Essay & Scholarship Consulting

What would it be worth to you and your student if... 
  • Your student was able to write an amazing college admissions or scholarship essay without stress and confusion? 
  • Your daughter or son was able to write their essays in the comfort of your own home, but still had access to a professional (me!) who could help them when they got stuck or had questions? 
  • Your teen could write an essay that they were excited and confident to submit to their dream schools? 

Got questions? Schedule a totally free 15 or 30 minute Discovery & Strategy call at a time that works best for you!

After grades, course curriculum, and test scores, the essay is the most important factor in an admissions decision.

Often, the admissions and supplemental essays are the only distinguishing factors between your student and the thousands of others applying to school. Despite being one of the key deciding factors in a decision, students often leave their essay to the last minute!  I can help your daughter or son write a thoughtful essay that will demonstrate what an asset they will be to their dream university. 

Clark W.,College Essay Client

“This was the first feedback I've received about my writing that included concrete improvements that I could make. I was both accepted to and received merit based scholarships from all the schools  applied to with the essays that [Julie] reviewed.”

This is more than just proofreading!

1-on-1 Consulting in the Comfort of your own Home (or in your favorite coffee shop, or library)

If you live in the Metro D.C. area (Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac, McLean, Alexandria), you're in luck! We can set up our 1-on-1 meetings in a convenient location for you.  If you don't live in the area (or if you're a homebody), then all you need is a computer with video conferencing capabilities and we're good to go! 

Specialized and Individualized Essay and Scholarship Advice based on your Student's Schools

Admissions essays are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are a number of ways your student can approach the prompts, and not all prompts are created equal.  When your student works with me, we'll look closely at what the schools want in a candidate, and then they will write an essay that appeals to those characteristics in an authentic way and in their own voice. 

A Thorough Review of Supplemental Essays

Regardless of whether or not those supplemental essays are required, your student should be doing them. Each essay is another opportunity for your son or daughter to humanize themselves to the admissions committee and to show them how much they want to be a student on their campus. I'll be able to help your student tackle these essays in the best possible way - without getting overwhelmed! 

Proofreading of Your Student's ENTIRE Application 

Mistakes happen. But let's not allow misused homonyms, punctuation errors, or confusing syntax keep your student out of their dream school.  If your daughter's or son's application is riddled with simple mistakes, the college will think that they didn't take the admissions process seriously and that they just aren't prepared for the rigor of college classes. 

Advice on how to Maximize the Extracurricular Activities Section 

The extracurricular activities section is the most underutilized portion of the application. Students consistently waste the opportunity to demonstrate what an asset they will be to their schools by not including important information about their roles in clubs, sports, internships, or after-school jobs.  When working with me, I'll be sure to help your student write about themselves in a way that will best show who they are outside of the classroom. 

Social Media Strategies, Safety, and an Audit of Online Profiles

It might sound crazy, but these days, admissions officers do check-up on some applicant's social media and online presence.  Aside from cleaning up any questionable content, making profiles private, and "Googling" yourself, there are some other ways to make sure that your student's social media profiles are college-appropriate - just in case! When you work with me, we'll discuss some ways to check-up on what's available about you online, as well as discuss some profile picture and headline strategies. 

Got questions? Schedule a totally free 15 or 30 minute Discovery & Strategy call at a time that works best for you!

Hi! I'm Julie Walthers

Thanks so much for stopping by! I want to take a second to thank you for being here and learning about how I can help your student to write an exceptional admissions essay. 

First, some quick background information: I'm an academic copy editor and writing coach who works with high school students to compose authentic, thoughtful, and meaningful college admissions essays that provide potential universities with the essential insights needed to identify their ideal applicants.

Through a combination of personal reflection exercises, purposeful brainstorming, and a touch of educational reconnaissance, I have helped hundreds of students compose college admissions essays that are authentic and demonstrative of what an asset they’ll be to their desired schools.

In addition to several years of experience advising high school seniors on their college admissions essays, I’ve worked closely with accomplished academics around the world in publishing their research in prestigious journals and mass publications like The New York Times. In short, you’re in good hands!

Ready to work with me? Great! Let's talk specifics.

Complete Consulting Package


By the end of our private sessions, your student will have 1 or more completed admissions essays that they can submit to their CommonApp schools or the university of their choice. 

The complete package is perfect for students who haven't started their essays and need a lot of help with choosing the best topic to write about and organizing their essay so that it tells a cohesive story that demonstrates the key characteristics colleges are looking for.

The complete consulting package is also perfect for students who are not strong writers and/or who speak English as a second language.  

The Package Includes: 

  • 3 private 1-hour sessions that can be done in-person at your home, the library, favorite coffee shop, or over video conference
  • Thorough critiques of all rough drafts until the essay is ready to submit 
  • Proofreading of your entire college application
  • ​Help with maximizing your activities section
  •  Social Media Audit
  • Ongoing email support for any questions that arise between sessions 

Hourly à La Carte

$250 / hour

The hourly option is perfect for students who have a completed draft and need a thorough review and critique of their essay before submitting it to their schools. 

While you can use the hourly option in any way that works best for your student, I've included some suggestions below in order to get the most use of your time.

Possible Hourly Uses: 

  • Use your hour to have me thoroughly review and critique 1 essay.  Your critique will be done using MS Word track changes, and will include a short video explanation.  
  • Use your hour to brainstorm and decide on the perfect topic and general outline. 
  • Use your hour to have me proofread and review your entire application. 
  • Use your hour to ask me questions about the essay writing process and how to best present yourself to your schools given your current GPA and test scores. 

**If you choose to move from the hourly rate to the complete consulting package, any payments made will be applied to the package rate.**



DIRECT NUMBER:  248.227.6088