Press Release: Dr. Fredric and Linda Gold Commission Sculptor Charles Strain for Donation to Michigan State University

March 11, 2015

Dr. Fredric and Linda Gold of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, are pleased to announce the forthcoming art donation of Charles Strain’s Duet to Michigan State University. The sculpture was commissioned by Dr. Gold, and will be erected on campus late this summer. With his donation, Dr. Gold is proud to be giving back to a place that has afforded him deeply meaningful experiences both in and out of the classroom.

“I have always had an affinity for the MSU campus where I have many fond memories traversing the wooded paths, trails, and streams along the Red Cedar River. The tranquil environment gave me a sense of inner peace and reflection. When I began to think of leaving a legacy to my alma mater, I wanted it to be a work of art placed near the part of the MSU campus that inspired me the most.”

DuetChoosing Mr. Strain was a simple decision for Dr. Gold, who felt an immediate affinity for Strain’s aesthetic, and knew that his work would complement the natural beauty of the campus and its architecture.

“Seeing the sculptural works of Charles Strain at a local art fair, I instantly knew I had found the artist to express my vision. Looking closely at his human forms, you see the physical interconnections that symbolize the emotional bonds that bridge our lives. In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mr. Strain uses malleable, warm bronze and natural materials that reflect the surrounding environment.”

The message of Duet left a strong impression on Dr. Gold, one that he felt would serve the Michigan State University community.

Duet speaks to us in a language we intrinsically feel familiar, yet, are unable to convey ourselves. It speaks to us in the most fundamental of human needs and emotions, the need to love and be loved, the need to be an individual, but also part of a whole. Duet is in fact an artistic equation of Love itself, where 1 and 1 = 1.”

Duet will be displayed outside of the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center near the Red Cedar River, and will be visible for students and guests of the University to enjoy year-round.

The dedication ceremony is planned for late summer 2015.

For more information about Charles Strain, please visit:

Press Release Courtesy of Ghost Editorial

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