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  • What Your Student Needs : From full-year college and scholarship essay writing support, to a thorough review of completed admissions essays, I can help every student where they're at. 
  • Tips, Tricks & Tools :  Got questions about the best strategies and tools needed to write a top-notch admissions essay? By the end of our call, you'll know exactly where to start and what to focus on with the college admissions essay. 
  • How I Can Help: A great essay is much more than just perfect grammar and spelling! On our call, you'll learn about my holistic approach to working with students in order to enable them to compose a thoughtful and reflective personal narrative that will stand out in the admissions office. 

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My ultimate goal is to help all students to compose an essay that is insightful, authentic, and which expresses the fullness of who they really are in order to connect with and attract the attention of the school they want to attend